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Public raise concerns for draft transportation bill for road safety

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 12/05/2020

Vehicle with dark tinted glass, drivers wearing earphones, and vehicles blasting speakers, are some of the issues raised during a joint talkback show of the Ministry of Infrastructure, Attorney General’s Office, and Police regarding a draft transportation bill to improve the laws and regulations for safety on the roads.

Posesi Bloomfield from one of the law firms in Tonga says using earphones while driving and blasting of music through the speakers are prohibited in these bills and Police have the authority to arrest them.

Bloomfield also says there is a law for road safety which includes trucks causing damages to the road and the new law of the Ministry of Infrastructure ensures both the road and lives of people are protected during road transportation.

Bloomfield encourages truck drivers to cover their loads while driving as it could harm the lives of passengers sitting in the vehicle behind them – because they could be charged with negligence if the loads from their vehicle would cause an incident on the road.

Meanwhile, Director of Lands Transport – Tevita Lavemai says, the idea to allow people from New Zealand, Australia, US and Fiji to use their driver’s license in Tonga stemmed from the long process of queuing at their office for a local driver’s license. Lavemai adds, these people are only visiting Tonga for a short period of time such as Christmas, and other events so it would be wiser to allow them to use their current driver’s license.

However, these bills will be debated in Parliament.

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