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Police make more than 140 arrests over Mother’s Day weekend

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 12/05/2020

Police arrested more than 140 people over Mother’s Day weekend, mostly for offences in breaching restrictions, However Police say there were some leniency granted those rushing to complete last minute shopping in time for Mother’s Day.

Acting Deputy Police Commissioner ‘Atunaisa Taumopeau says they are surprised with the increase of cases reported from their latest operation as the weekend before only had about 80 arrests.

‘Atunaisa adds, it’s understandable some of the vendors are trying to beat curfew hours and some were rushing home especially Saturday before Mother’s day and Police were flexible on them HOWEVER they’ve also recorded some had irrelevant reasons to travel during curfew hours and were under the influence of alcohol.

Since the lockdown operation last month more than one thousand people have been arrested MEAWHILE Police also record a decline in the number of crimes compared to the same time last year.

‘Atunaisa acknowledges the active support from the community police and members from His Majesty’s Armed Forces during the curfew hours.

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