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Tax waived for COVID-19 since April close to TOP$700,000

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 21/05/2020

The government has estimated the tax waived on imported food products and hygienic supplies, to be at 700 thousand pa’anga since the COVID-19 relief aid was announced in April.

The Ministry of Revenue & Customs CEO – Kelemete Vahe in a press conference earlier this week said since April 7th, there is an estimated 600 thousand, close to 700 thousand pa’anga that the government could have collected but waivered to the people.

Vahe again reminds the public, that all tax imposed on imported products would still be deferred until June 30th, except PAYEE.

Meanwhile the Ministry is still looking at extending the deferment of tax which ends next month.

The Government waived taxes on imported food products and hygienic supplies on April 7.

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