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China still commits to assist Tonga in preparation for Covid 19

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 28/05/2020

The Chinese government continues its commitment to assist the Health Ministry in preparation for Covid 19.  In a press conference this afternoon, China’s Ambassador to Tonga announced their commitments to support Tonga as the country is facing impacts of coronavirus. However, during this period, accurate and factual information is paramount.

“History should be written with facts not tend by lies to global narrative about COVID-19 through the reflect reason and conscience humanity has an application to leave behind on objective and choose for account as part of its collective memory. WHO has made it clear that the naming of the disease should not be associated with a particular country or place and therefore, have decided to name the virus as “COVID-19”. Being the country to first report the virus does not mean that Wuhan is not the origin. In facts, the origin is still not identified “

Meanwhile, a Tongan student currently studying in China – Jiaxu Po’uliva’ati expressed her appreciation to the Government of China as they are being well taken care of.

“So far my personal experience of being here in China, they provided all the help and things we wanted and making sure that everyone’s safe and I feel really safe here in China even though the virus started spreading here in China. “

The government of China has donated various assistance to Tonga including medical supplies and PPE’s aiming to strengthen diplomatic relations between the two countries.

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