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‘Eua coastal communities to relocate due to climate change

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 01/06/2020

Discussions are underway for a possible relocation of people living on the coastal areas of ‘Eua to higher grounds due to impacts of climate change on the coastal area.

Government Representative of ‘Eua Sunia Havea says, there’s a plan to relocate the people of ‘Ohonua to an area close to Angahaa as it is safer from severe tropical cyclones and king tides.

He adds, ‘Ohonua was badly affected when TC Harold made landfall in April this year and reconstructing of houses is still on hold as the area is highly vulnerable.

He adds, as predicted there will be will severe cyclones in the future and there’s hope the people would be safer if they live on higher grounds and for such action to take place there’s a need to ensure there’s enough land area for the people of ‘Ohonua and the legality of such initiative.

As of last week, the government representative says there are still families living on tents as their homes were damaged by Harold.

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