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Parliament continue discussing govt. road maintenance project

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 01/06/2020

Parliament deliberations continued this morning with the main focus still being on the government’s road maintenance project. The Opposition MPs requested that government provide the name of the three companies that they revealed have been chosen to carry out the project but this request was turned down with the response that the selection process is still ongoing and the names of the companies could not be revealed.

Tongatapu 9 MP Penisimani Fifita and Tongatapu 2 MP Semisi Sika asked whether the selection process of these three companies was transparent and followed due process as there are still unanswered questions of why government would choose three companies for the project yet they have no experience or heavy machines for the project. Semisi Sika asked whether the issue is still under the Procurement Unit as he strongly believes the three companies won’t meet the criteria required for the multimillion pa’anga project.

However, the Finance Minister Hon. Tevita Lavemaau says, the government followed every due process needed for the project and the Government selected these three companies as they are certain that they will complete the task required. PM also adds that there were three conditions in place which the companies fulfilled, it includes the timeliness of their operation, quality and the cost which it was affordable compared to other companies who bid for the project.

As debate on the issues were heated this morning, the Chairman of the Whole House Committee Lord Tu’i’afitu reminded MPs the polices of the house, the separation of powers and for MPs to avoid using inappropriate words during deliberations.

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