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Government hosts consultations with bus operators regarding bus fares

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 02/06/2020

The government is carrying out consultations with bus drivers and owners to discuss ways to resolve the issues that they are facing with the operation of their bus services. This follows a request of assistance from the bus owners to the Prime Minister in a special meeting last month, to allow bus operators to raise the cost of the bus fare they charge for their service.

Yesterday, the Ministry of Trade and Economic Development held a public consultation with the bus drivers of Eastern District, aiming to discuss plans and ways to solve the problems they suffered.

The Director of Consumer Division of the Ministry of Trade and Economic Development – Sandra Dee Fifita says, the ministry has done a survey on reasons why bus drivers want to increase bus fares.

During the consultation, bus drivers raised the main problems as they can’t affort the prices of spare parts and bills of license, also 15 percent of passengers don’t pay bus fares and 15 percent half pay their bus fares according to the amount of bus fares arranged by the government to use. The bus fares currently used by the bus drivers is the bus fares from 2008.

These consultations will be report to the Cabinet and will be conclude if they pass to increase bus fares or not.

The same consultation will be held to the Western District and the Central District this week.

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