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Police Minister concerned with MP’s conduct in Parliament

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 02/06/2020

The Police Minister Lord Nuku today raised concern with the MPs conduct in Parliament saying some are in breach of Parliament regulations during the Whole House Committee deliberations.

He urged the Speaker of Parliament to address the issue as the deliberations have ruined the reputation of discussions in the Legislative Assembly which breaches the regulations of the House.

Police Minister says, the issue should be addressed in the Privilege Committee and to report to Parliament as he believes there have been inappropriate actions in place.

Before the Speaker ruled for the deliberations to continue in the Whole House Committee, Lord Fakafanua warned MPs about the policies and also, he reminded the chairman of the committee of his roles during discussions.

As discussions continue in the Whole House Committee – two issues raised were again the multimillion pa’anga road maintenance project and harvesting of sea cucumber.

Since last week, there have been a number of heated debates leading to some MPs raising personal issues and many believed they were totally irrelevant.

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