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MP requests government negotiate for Tongans stuck abroad

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 09/06/2020

Tt1 MP Siaosi Pohiva requests the Government during deliberations in the whole house committee this morning, to negotiate with the related partners in order for the Tongans stranded abroad to become permanent residents of their current location.

He adds these are the impacts of COVID-19 and Tonga’s borders are still closed since March and there’s hope the Tongans overseas could become residents so they could be eligible for benefits of their current locations.

The Minister of Trade and Economic Development – Samiu Vaipulu says the Government is currently addressing the issue.

During this morning’s deliberations the PM says details of the government’s latest plan on restrictions due to COVID-19 will be updated to the public during a press conference to be held on Friday.

Health Minister yesterday said they are planning to close the border for few more months as the front-line workers are not yet ready.

There are more than 7thousand people currently stranded overseas and most are in New Zealand and Australia.

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