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Money collected from Sports Levy remains at TOP$2.4million

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 10/06/2020

The Finance Minister told MPs in the Whole House Committee the remaining amount of money collected from the sports levy since 2015/2016 is 2.4 million pa’anga.

The collection of the sports levy started from the fiscal year 2015/2016 and the amount collected then was more than one hundred thousand pa’anga, the following fiscal year the amount collected was 4 million and in 2017/2018 3.9 million pa’anga collected.

In 2018/2019 4.3 million pa’anga was collected and currently financial year 2019/2020 – 3.8 million pa’anga has been collected as sports levy.

Tevita Lavemaau says, the total amount collected is 16.2 million pa’anga, however to date the only remaining amount is 2.4 million pa’anga.

He adds the proposed estimate includes a budget to develop all sporting activities in Tonga and part of the money collected as sports levy financed the operation of the Tonga Sports Council.

Finance Minister made the explanation after the Number One Noble Representative of Tongatapu queried the about the collection of the sports levy as he strongly believes it was implemented to develop sports in Tonga.

Lord Tu’ivakano asked about the exact amount of money collected and the sports activities funded from it as he is the patron of the sports taekwondo in Tonga but there was a time that only few were able to attend international qualification sports competition due to lack of funds.

Meanwhile he also asked whether the figures mentioned by the Finance Minister has been audited and Finance Minister responded all public accounts have been audited and government is still working on the report about the Tonga Sports Council operation.

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