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Ha’akame Village organize youth initiatives on good leadership

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 15/06/2020

The village of Ha’akame in the Western District is setting up initiatives to prepare their youths to be good role models in the future. A special program was held last week, aimed at teaching the villages youth of the importance of good leadership.

Their MP – Tongatapu 6 People’s Representative for Parliament and Minister for MEIDECC – Poasi Tei spoke at the program emphasizing the constituency’s vision for the youth to be live peacefully, and safely develop and progress in their lives, preparing a better future for the village.

He advised the youth to share their good experiences of growing up with the younger generation so they too can continue living the vision they have for the future of the village.

The minister also raised the important issue of social media, warning the youths to use social media a platform for peace and development and not for tearing down others and their work. Tei also emphasized how some of their actions in their youth can have a lasting impact on their lives in the future and so it is important for them to make the right decisions now in their youth and make sure they work towards a future that maintains a beautiful Ha’akame.

Last week’s program seeks to bring the youth of Ha’akame together and raise awareness on issues affecting youth such as drug and alcohol abuse. A young man who joined the program – Semisi Mafoa says they are looking forward to more programs like this in the future that will enable them to become better leaders for the village in the future.

The program organizers have also launched a new Facebook page that will encourage constructive discussions between not only the youth but the elderly as well, and is not just for villagers in Tonga but for all people of Ha’akame around the world to share and discuss issues that can contribute to the development of the youths of the village.

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