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COVID-19 impacts renewable energy targets

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 16/06/2020

Tonga is expected to reach its target of 50% renewable energy by next year, due to the impacts from COVID-19.

The Acting CEO of Tonga Power Limited – Steven ‘Esau says, because of the closing of the borders for international flights, it has greatly affected two major projects signed for this year which involves project managers from overseas countries.

These two companies include Synergize from New Zealand which will install a solar farm of 6 megawatts, which will be located at the Western area of Tongatapu.

The other is a Tongan company known as Green Energy Technology or GET which will also see the installation of a solar farm of 6 megawatts, to be located at Pelehake and Vaini.

Tonga’s renewable energy is currently at 14 to 18 percent with hopes that the electricity bill will be much cheaper when Tonga reaches its 50 percent renewable energy target.

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