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New government project to minimize reliance on imported meat

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 18/06/2020

The government is currently negotiating with foreign donors a 50 million pa’anga project aiming to encourage people to have local products instead of heavily relying on imported meat for daily meals.

The CEO of Food – Dr. Viliami Manu says they are looking at introducing a new project which includes establishing a large poultry with more than 6 million chickens.

He adds the project will help reduce the amount of imported chicken thighs and will help with Tonga’s renewable energy project.

Meanwhile the Ministry of Agricultural Food and Forestry’s project in providing chicks to 7 constituencies is still continuing.

However, government hopes that these chicks will help with many families daily meals in having fresh and healthy meats but not relying on meats importing from overseas.

As negotiations are still underway, the CEO did not provide specific timeframe of when it will be implemented in Tonga.

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