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E. coli found in the underground water at Hihifo

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 18/06/2020

MPs have raised their concerns about the quality of water in the Western district after a recent survey discovered e-coli in the underground water, said to be the result of leaks from septic tanks.

The issue was raised by the Ha’apai number two noble representative Lord Fakafanua during the deliberations on the MEIDECC’s vote this afternoon. He says the recent survey identifying E. coli in underground water at Hihifo poses a huge risk to the people’s lives and government should address the issue urgently.

Fakafanua suggested that governments project in distributing water tanks to each house in Tonga be expanded to also include secure septic tanks to ensure it does not leak into underground water supply.

The Lands Minister Lord Ma’afu responded saying the information from the Ha’apai MP is accurate and they are working to address the issue urgently.

Meanwhile the Health Dr ‘Amelia Tu’ipulotu says the survey was conducted in May last year and health staff then visited the water supply of the Western for water disinfection and of Tuesday this week, the team reported there are no E. coli recorded on the water supply system.     However, it remains vulnerable due to human activities and leaking of septic tanks.

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