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Government encouraging stakeholders to improve school dropout statistics

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 24/06/2020

The Government is working with related stakeholders on ways to encourage students to be able to complete their secondary school level. This was after they discovered that the highest percentage of high school drop-outs were those who do not perform academically well in the classroom, resulting in them staying from school at a young age.

The Deputy Education Director – Manu ‘Akau’ola says, the challenge faced by many youths in Tonga is unemployment. The hope now is to address the issue immediately to ensure students complete their studies and to enable them to have access to better job opportunities in the future.

The Ministry of Education and Training works in partnership with the Ministry of Internal Affairs under the SET project to address the issue to ensure those that have dropped out of secondary school have alternative vocational and learning pathways.

‘Akau’ola says, in a survey conducted by the SET program, they believe that the best solution to address the issue was in enrolling these students in the TVET institutions.

There are 5 areas in these institutions including construction, tourism & hospitality, sea navigation, aged care and agriculture.

125 TVET students from 8 institutions will benefit from these project, including 39 students from the outer islands.

A $3.7million dollars has been implemented by the Ministry of Education for the TVET program.

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