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GPS Faleloa wins Ha’apai Soroban Competition

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 24/06/2020

The Ha’apai islands kicked off the Soroban Competition for 2020 with GPS Faleloa winning the Competition this year as it held in their various schools.

About hundred students of the Ha’apai Island participated in the Soroban Competition.

Tupou Kata an Education Officer from Ha’apai told radio and television Tonga news, the competition was held in their own various school preventing COVID-19

However, this didn’t stop GPS Faleloa from winning the competition, while GPS Fotua came in 2nd place and GPS Hihifo in the third place

Timote Toto won the Written category for class 3, Seinimili Siope with Class 4 both from GPS Fakakakai and Po’oi Vaha’i of GPS Pangai top class 5

From the oral category, Liliani Akoteu of GPS Fotua top class 3, ‘Akosita Peleketi of GPS Pangai top Class 4 and Po’oi Vaha’i again of GPS Pangai top class 5.

The flash category, Class 3 was top by Fa’aui Pulu of GPS Hihifo, Luseane Mo’onia of GPS Faleloa top Class 4 and Malia Loni of GPS Pangai top Class 5

Saitoni Pou’uha of GPS Fakakai was awarded as the Best Soroban Teacher.

Tupou Kata also commented on the highlight of this year soroban competition, as there is an improvement in the skills of the student’s performance in soroban.

The soroban competition will later continue to Vava’u around July and August then ‘Eua before Tongatapu.

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