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Latest electricity tariff review records lowest price since 2006

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 29/06/2020

The Acting CEO of Tonga Power Limited – Steven ‘Esau says, the electricity tariff will drop by more than 10 seniti, beginning Wednesday, July 1st 2020. The new tariff will decrease from the current tariff of 73 seniti that was used since April.

‘Esau adds, the new tariff is the lowest electricity price Tonga Power has reached since 2006 and because it is less than 65 seniti per unit, there is no LIFELINE-Tariff GPO, meaning the government will no longer subsidize 8 seniti for the first 100 units per month.

The new price will run until September unless otherwise reviewed by the Electricity Commission.

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