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MOI Building Divisions “Stop Work Notices” followed due process

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 29/06/2020

The Ministry of Infrastructure (MOI) put out “Stop Work Notices” last week for a few construction projects in ‘Eua for going against the Ministry’s building code.

This is not new for the ministry’s Building Division as it is part of their duty to issue such notices for construction projects they deem non-compliant with the Building Control & Standard Act. However, there were allegations made on social media website Facebook – that the notices were issued without good reason.

However, radio and television Tonga news talked to government representative of ‘Eua, Sunia Havea who said that the allegations online were false and that there was no ill will behind the issuance of these notices, as there had been shortcomings on the construction project’s behalf, and the ministry of Infrastructure were following due process in their operations.

The head of the building division at MOI, Lopeti Heimuli stated that they were carrying out their work according to their policies in enforcing the building control and standard Act to ensure the safety of the construction projects.

Heimuli added that the notices issued to the owners of these construction projects only temporarily halted construction to allow them to meet the requirements from the ministry before they could be granted a permit to continue construction.

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