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Man found guilty for theft and housebreaking

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 08/07/2020

A man was found guilty for theft and serious housebreaking this morning in the supreme court.

The individual Lafitani Mahe was found guilty in Justice Laki Niu’s ruling, after the prosecutor provided sufficient evidence to prove that Mahe had unlawfully entered and stole $34k pa’anga worth of goods from a residence in Houmakelikao on the 19th of February last year.

The stolen goods included two Bluetooth speakers, an iPhone, a number of Tongan fine mats and other goods.

Amongst the stolen goods only one Bluetooth speaker was recovered from a man named Viliami Ongosia to whom the defendant had sold it to. This led to the arrest of Ongosia who plead guilty to knowingly purchasing the stolen item to which the judge ordered him to pay $200 pa’anga to the court.

However, Mahe is set to appear in court on the 26th of August to be given his sentence.

Meanwhile, Tevita Valikoula of Matangiake appeared at the same court charged with two counts of assisting with theft.

In the prosecutor’s opening statement on May 21st of last year it was revealed that Tevita Valikoula assigned an individual named Sione Lolohea to steal 85 kava plants from a plantation in Manuka.

The stolen kava is said to be worth $17k pa’anga.

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