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Tonga Skills fully prepared for a national lockdown

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 10/07/2020

Tonga Skills yesterday celebrated the launch of three sets of training videos, a positive outcome to support community economic resilience in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and associated restrictions in Tonga.

In the event of a national lockdown, the videos can be used to reach individuals in their respective homes and communities, including in Tonga’s outer islands where it can be more difficult to reach vulnerable communities with much needed support.

This program aims to ensure Tonga is provided with the skills and competent manpower needed for sustainable development and these videos will provide extra learning resources for secondary school students as a means of obtaining relevant skills, introducing them to possibilities of establishing their own businesses.

The Ministry of Education and Training CEO – Dr. Tangikina Steen says, these training videos will be a great help to the students and can be used to complement student’s curriculum work and studies.

The production of the videos is part of the Program goal of delivering good quality training activities that are inclusive, flexible and deliver economic and social benefits. The training focus and implementing staff were selected based on their previous successful engagement with communities through Tonga Skills.

As part of the launch, Tonga Skills was pleased to officially hand over the videos to its partners, the Ministry of Education and Training and the Tonga National Qualifications and Accreditation Board – TNQAB  .

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