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Quarantine area highly restricted

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 13/07/2020

Members of the public will not be allowed to enter areas in Nuku’alofa, starting today, especially at the areas near Tanoa hotel where passengers arriving from Fiji today are quarantined for two weeks. These restricted areas are enforced by Police along with member from HMAF. ST

The areas include Vuna Road, Tupoulahi Road also coastal areas in front of Tanoa hotel.

Minister for MEIDECC, Poasi Tei told Radio Tonga news this afternoon, that these areas are restricted and will be guarded by members from HMAF also the Police to ensure no one will enter these areas during the two weeks quarantine period.

The Fua’amotu International Airport is also off-limits, except for airport staff, Fiji Airways staff, Immigration and Customs staff, also medical emergency officers.

The Prime Minister, Dr. Pohiva Tu’ionetoa, speaking to Radio Tonga news urges families of the passengers not to be present at the airport and to patiently await their passengers once their quarantine period is over.

The Health Director this morning says, there are penalties in place for those who will breach these restrictions, whether it be the passengers or anyone trying to enter the hotel during the quarantine period. These people can be fined up to $40thousand pa’anga or even be imprisoned for five years.

This is all part of the government’s efforts to ensure everyone will comply with the restrictions imposed, and to ensure the country will remain COVID-19 free.

However, these areas have been restricted starting today until the 29th of this month.

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