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Road fatality in Tonga significantly drop compared to previous years

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 20/07/2020

Tonga Police has recorded a significant drop in the number of road fatalities in Tonga compared to previous years especially 2018.

During a televised program of the Traffic Division of the Ministry of Infrastructure the Head of the Traffic Division of the Nuku’alofa Police Station Lemoto Piliu says, in 2018 Tonga recorded 21 road fatalities, last year there were only four and now since January to date only one person has died in Tonga from road fatalities.

As the number continues to drop, Lemoto is confident the two bills passed in Parliament will help with their effort in ensuring road safety in Tonga especially with drivers required to wear seatbelts and with cell-phones banned while driving.

He adds, these are just daily reminders for drivers and passengers for the safety of everyone where everyone will benefit from.

Meanwhile the Minister of Infrastructure Hon. ‘Akosita Lavulavu says they are completing requirements needed for the two bills.

Tonga Police and the Traffic Division continue to host road safety campaigns and various programmes informing the people on road safety.

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