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Over 10 fishing boats damaged from this morning’s trough

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 20/07/2020

More than 10 boats were damaged in Vava’u this morning from an unexpected tornado-like disaster.

The town officer of Neiafu – Vavaa Lapota says, these boats were damaged with one of the boats found sinking at the Puatelefusi port.

Senior meteorologist – Laitia Fifiita elaborated on the current weather outlook and its characteristics.

“One of the significant impacts of this active weather that is currently over us this morning is the damages to the small fishing boats at the Port of Refuge in Vava’u Harbour, please take note that this in these impacts is one of the characteristics of our active rain band that are associated to thunderstorms with winds gusting up to damaging gale force associated to the system. It also brings in damaging swells and also very rough seas and it’s from these winds of around 36 knots or 72 kilometres per hour recorded at the Lupepau’u automatic weather station at around 20 minutes past 8 this morning with gusts of up to 36 knots or 72 kilometres per hour if you’re travelling by your car so these damaging gale force winds is the reason why these boats at the Port of Refuge in Vava’u were severely damaged to some extent. The winds associated to the system causes the damaging swells to the sea and its roughness bringing these boats to crash into the harbour resulting in the impacts this morning.”

Most schools this morning were cancelled due to the heavy rain.

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