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Another successful drill at the airport and Taliai Camp

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 03/08/2020

A COVID-19 repatriation drill was conducted this morning in preparation for opening of the borders for the Tongan stranded in New Zealand, this drill only to Taliai Camp to inform educating the passengers and front liners before the repatriation flights arrived tomorrow.

During a press conference this morning, the CEO of the Ministry of MEIDECC – Paula Ma’u says, this is the first drill at the Taliai camp in preparation for returning of passengers from New Zealand.

The concern is because there is a possibility for COVID-19 to reach our shores with the drill being carried out aiming to prevent the introduction, also to strengthen the front liners efforts in response to the arrival tomorrow.

This is the second flight to arrive in Tonga with passengers, as part of the Government’s program to repatriate stranded Tongans overseas.

Paula adds, there are four parts carried out in the drill exercise including the passenger’s pre-departure from Auckland, their arrival in Tonga, the quarantine period also their post-quarantine period.

About 70 male seasonal workers will be quarantined at Taliai with the rest at the Tano’a hotel.

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