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Missing fisherman from Patangata found alive

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 5/08/2020
The missing fisherman from Patangata has been found well on a deserted island on the eastern side of Ha’apai.
It’s not known how long the fisherman has been living on the island of Limu as his fishing boat is gone.
Speaking to Radio Tonga News this afternoon the town officer of Kotu Toekava Pule’anga says, fishermen from their island found the missing man and they are very happy to find him alive and well.
The fishermen from Kotu will bring the man from Limu to Kotu.
Radio Tonga was at Patangata this afternoon and the man’s family are overjoy knowing he is alive and will be coming home soon.
The 53-year-old fisherman went missing last Tuesday after travelling to Ha’apai to harvest sea cucumber.
Meanwhile, divers believe that a whirlpool was what sank the boat of the man from Pa’tangata that went missing last week in Ha’apai.
Lafitani Taufa – one of the divers that rescued the missing man says, they had found the missing man at around 10-11am.
The man is expected to return back to Patangata this week.
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