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VOEA Neiafu rescued 5 sea cucumber divers

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 10/08/2020

Five sea cucumber divers from Vava’u were rescued by the VOEA Neiafu yesterday after they had been missing since Saturday evening.

The divers initially sailed to an island called Tokuu to dive for sea cucumbers, however on their way back their boat ran out of fuel and remained afloat all the way to the southern part of Fonualei.

The Head of the Touliki Masefield Naval base – Commander Taniela Tuita told Radio Tonga News, Vava’u Police worked together with Voea Neiafu in rescuing the divers after receiving multiple calls for help from the divers’ via a VHF radio.

Tuita urged the public to be better prepared with their equipment such as fuel before heading out to sea.

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