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First female appointed Acting Justice in the Supreme Court

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 17/08/2020

The Judicial Panel has appointed ‘Elisapeti Langi of Ofu, Pangaimotu and Ha’alaufuli Vava’u the first female Acting Justice in Tonga effective last Friday.

Speaking to Radio Tonga News this morning Acting Justice Langi says humbled to be chosen to be the first female Justice at the Supreme Court and she’s grateful for the appointment and faith that a female Justice can carry out the work required at the supreme court level.

“I think this new appointment of an Acting Supreme Court Judge is in my view a positive step in the courts being perceived as in more transparent, inclusive and representative of the people whose lives they affect, not only would a presence of a woman judge enhance the legitimacy of the court I think it would also send out a powerful message that the courts are open and accessible to those who seek recourse to justice because we women judges contribute a lot more to justice we also contribute to the quality of the decision making and thus to the quality of justice itself. We do Afterall live our lives as women with all the social and cultural impacts that women face including complex family relationships and obligations and I think we bring those experiences to our judicial actions.“

There are now four Supreme Court Judges in Tonga including Acting Justice ’Elisapeti Langi.

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