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Liufau Latu appears in Court for reckless driving causing death

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 25/08/2020

Liufau Latu appeared at the Supreme Court this morning charged with one count of reckless driving which resulted in the death an individual.

On the 28th of February last year, the defendant was driving a vehicle at the Hihifo road at Fatai, where he hit an electric pole on the side of the road and caused the death of a front passenger inside the vehicle he drove.

This is the second day of the trial which began yesterday with the selection of eight jury members. Yesterday’s trial heard from one witness from the prosecutor’s while today heard from two witnesses, which included a man who was in the vehicle with the deceased and a Police Officer from Nukunuku who investigated the case.

However, Radio and Television Tonga News will continue following this story.

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