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Compulsory age for Education is 4-18 yo

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 03/09/2020

The Education Act 2013 has been reinforced by the Education Minister which includes the new compulsory age for education is now 4-18 years of age. This was declared yesterday the 1st of September 2020.

This was one of the issues that was discussed during various talkback shows in past months concerning the new compulsory age for education in Tonga, under the Education Act 2013.

However, it was reinforced starting yesterday when the Education Minister – Siaosi Sovaleni signed and authorized the Act.

Radio Tonga news earlier reported the Truancy & Reconciliation Division Leader – Kalafitoni Latu elaborating on the reinforcement of the Act.

Latu says, the Education Act 2013 states the compulsory age for education aiming for every boy and girl in Tonga to gain access to better education.

The Ministry are trying to ensure a higher standard of education for every boy and girl in Tonga together with pushing children that are of legal age, to attend school in accordance to the law.

These age groups include pre-school level, primary school students, secondary school and even tertiary level students.

Latu also shared on the many challenges that the department faces such as parents not abiding to this law by refusing to take their children to school; with some stating that their children receive their education at home.

Another of the Ministry’s concerns included the high number of students skipping school to which warrants a notice to parents and guardians if their child exceeds 3 days of school absence.

However, the Ministry believes this law will encourage children to receive a better education in the future.

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