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Fifth prosecutor’s witness appears in Court

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 04/09/2020

From the Supreme Court, the case involving the death of Sione Feimoefiafi on the 4th of Februray last year is ongoing.

This morning’s hearing heard from the prosecutor’s fifth witness – Kailani Tupou a driver at the Ministry of MEIDECC.

During Tupou’s testimony he revealed that he was in a meeting at the MEIDECC office on the day of the incident and noticed the deceased being dragged outside of the Tali’eva Bar by two men – where they proceeded to repeatedly punch and kick the deceased’s head.

Tupou added that the men who were beating the deceased started to leave but noticed that he was trying to get back up, which resulted in the men to resume punching and kicking, and this time stomping his head. He also says that he saw a lady intervene and stop the men.

During Tupou’s testimony the court displayed images and videos to support his claims – one of the videos revealed the lady that Tupou mentioned which was the owner of the Tali’eva Bar – Freda Lavulo, who is also a witness in this case.

Tupou was questioned on his testimony, however the judge ruled that this be delayed for Monday where Tupou’s questioning will continue.

The Judge also ruled that the defendants remain on bail and are prohibited from entering town until their next hearing on Monday.

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