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Phase one for renovation of GPS Nuku’alofa completes

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 14/09/2020

As the entrance examination for class six students is approaching, immediate work is being carried out at schools damaged by Cyclone Gita, to enable class six students to sit their exams in their respective schools.

This morning marked the completion of the first part of the construction project at the Nuku’alofa primary school which was destroyed by Cyclone Gita.

The Deputy Education Director – ‘Isikeli Oko says, the project includes the newly constructed buildings equipped to withstand the impacts of climate change.

“The project includes the construction of six classrooms for the class 6 level in Nuku’alofa GPS which is part of the government’s construction project for schools that were impacted by Cyclone Gita and Harold.”

During the reconstruction of these classrooms the class six students of GPS Nuku’alofa held their classes at the Queen Salote Memorial Hall.

GPS Nuku’alofa is part of the government’s 5th group of the Pacific Resilience Project (PREP) which is under the Ministry of MEIDECC, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Infrastructure and the Ministry of Finance.

This project is funded by the World Bank in partnership with the Australian government.

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