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Tonga Police marks fallen officers 

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 29/09/2020

The Minister of Police – Lord Nuku was present at the Longolongo Police Station this morning to mark the International Memorial Day – the day in which the Police Force remembers the officers that have fallen during the line of duty as well as remembering retired officers that have also passed on. This has been an annual memorial event year however, today remembered the 14 officers who died from the 29th of September 2018 up until this year.

Today’s program was attended by the families of the officers who died in the line of duty, and a candle lighting ceremony was held to remember the services carried out by these officers.

The Police Commissioner – Stephen Caldwell during the program paid tribute to fallen officers.

“Police officers are ordinary people asked to perform extraordinary deeds day after day. They perform their duties with courage, self-sacrifice and honour. I pay my respect to the families, friends, and colleagues of police officers who have passed away and are here today. Not only to remember but also to celebrate their lives and those that they have left behind to carry on their legacy. Their service to our king and our people will not be forgotten and will be remembered from generations to come.”

He also elaborated on the police officer’s duties and roles in the ministry.

“Although this world has changed our role has not. It forever remains that we protect our people. Keep the peace and uphold the rule of law with outmost integrity, compassion, courage, discretion and common sense. I say this in conclusion, to my staff, learn the hard earned lessons of these police officers killed in duty and we see the traffic stops. We see searching prisoners properly. We see border patrol safely. Always plan. Do not be afraid to call for assistance. You are dealing with people that around with the influence of alcohol, illicit drugs and are normally angry. And as you represent the law, their anger will be display to you. Keep yourself strong and fit and mentally alert to the challenges and the danger of police work. Make sure to keep yourself safe as you keep our people safe. Go home to your family at the end of your shift.”

The program was also attended by Police Officers from New Zealand and Australia amongst other Pacific countries in remembering the fallen officers.

Also attending this morning’s program was Australia’s High Commissioner to Tonga – H.E Adrian Morrison, New Zealand’s High Commissioner to Tonga – H.E Tiffany Babington and many invited guests.

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