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Water supply of villages around Tapuhia landfill not affected

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 12/10/2020

There are no signs showing that the water supply system for some of the villages in Tongatapu 8 will be affected from the Tapuhia landfill.

The issue was raised during the parliamentary report of Tongatapu 8 People’s Representative – Semisi Fakahau last week, saying the water supply for these villages around Tapuhia are vulnerable to the landfill.

Fakahau says, the concern from these villages is their location close to Tapuhia and their main sources of water supply could be affected from it.

However, a reliable source from the Ministry of Lands and Survey says, they carry out quarterly tests at Tapuhia and in the last test conducted in July, there were no indicators that showed the water supply of Folaha, Nukuhetulu, Longoteme and parts of Vaini will be affected.

A test carried out in 2017 also showed their water system were all in a satisfactory situation from the Tapuhia landfill.

The Ministry also says, there are minor indicators that appears at times and it is normal however, it does not reach a point that needs urgent work on.

The Ministry adds, water tests are only carried out at Tapuhia as there are many equipment used there, which is carried out every three months.

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