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Tonga College ‘Atele celebrates 138th anniversary

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 03/11/2020

Tonga College ‘Atele’s ex-students were excited on Saturday in participating at the magnificent celebration marking the 138th anniversary of the school at Funga Manamo’ui.

This was an exceptionally affectionate program for every ex-student as they marched with pride to the angled flags where students and staff including ex-students sang the national anthem in raising the Tongan flag.

The activities were nonstop as they continued  to the annual general meeting of Tonga College’s ex-students at the school’s hall and from there to the ‘Atele Indoor Stadium where the sermon was conducted by the President of the Church of Tonga – Rev. Dr. Tu’ipulotu Katoanga an Ex student and Dux of  the college in his graduating year.

In his message Rev Dr Katoanga highlighted the virtues students should adopt, in upholding integrity and do not conform to the norms of disobedient students, but stand firm on their own and uphold the rules and legislation.

The Guest of honor at the anniversary celebration was the  Minister of Education and Training – Hon. Siaosi Sovaleni.

An after sermon event was the launching of the  living staff quarter , a gift from the Ex students association, Hawaii Chapter to the rune of 4 hundred thousand pa’anga.

The Red Corner  water supply project of the college was also launched to mark the completion of the repair and maintenance work carried out .

The event that captured everyone’s attention both current, old students, officials, guests, parents and guardians was the luncheon with entertainment.  It featured various dances and music presentations with groups of  prefects and students representing  Queen Salote and Tupou Colleges, Tonga High school and Liahona High School.

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