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The only female MP and Vava’u 16 representative to Parliament drew attention of the house at the beginning of today’s session

(Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 16/08/2016)

‘Akosita Lavulavu who entered the house in a by-election last month, voiced her first motion to Parliament seeking their support and eventually the Government to address five pressing needs of her constituency Vava’u 16 which comprises 12 villages.

First and foremost is the maintenance of roads which is estimated at TOP$500,000.

Another, is upgrading of water the supply system throughout the constituency to the tune of TOP$200,000.

Others, include the installation of solar lights in the streets worth about TOP$80,000 and renovation of community weaving centres for women around TOP$700,000.

The final pressing need is equipment and proper facilities to maintain villages’ general cleanliness to the tune of TOP$100,000.

In response, the Speaker of the Assembly says the Government of Tonga’s ability to fund community projects and several development works depend on its financial capabilities.

However, Lord Tu’ivakanō acknowledged the need to consider the importance of the motion because it was submitted by the only female Member of Parliament.

The Prime Minister, Hon. ‘Akilisi Pōhiva told the house that community and other projects seeking Government’s help outside the official budget will depend on its financial capability to do so.

However both the Noble Representatives of Vava’u to Parliament – Lord Tu’I’āfitu and Lord Tu’ilakepa supported the motion and to refer the matter to Parliament’s standing committee for the constituencies and eventually for Government to address.

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