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TPL to install new smart meters in Tonga

(Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 07/09/2016)

Tonga will soon revert its electricity meters to the smart meter. Tonga Power Limited(TPL) told Radio & TV Tonga News the new move will ensure accurate bills recording.

A smart meter is a digital electric meter that can record more regular and accurate electricity consumption information.

It also does not require meter readers to read home meters on a monthly basis.

Tonga Power Limited told Radio Tonga News they’re currently piloting 500 smart meters in Tonga.

This is to ensure efficiency of electricity for both Tonga Power Limited and the customers.

Currently, notices are being distributed to homes to be aware of the new move.

They says the smart meter will cost nothing to the consumers as it is funded by Tonga Power Limited and the New Zealand Government.

Meanwhile Tonga Power Limited is conducting workshop to inform public of all electrical supplies in their homes to prevent fatal accident relating to electricity.

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