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FISA confirmed M.V. ‘Otuanga’ofa will be taken to Fiji for maintenance on the 25th of this month

(Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 08/09/2016)

During the disagreement over the newly leased inter-island ferry for Tonga, Friendly Island Shipping Agency(FISA) confirmed the M.V. ‘Otuanga’ofa will set sail for Fiji later this month for its maintenance on the 25th.

CEO of FISA – Mosese Fakatou says M.V. ‘Otuanga’ofa has two wheels and two engines but one of the wheels is broken.

The deferment in the travel of the vessel to dock in Fiji was due to an advice from the Insurance Company in the United Kingdom.

Fakatou says the new wheel constructed in Japan has arrived Fiji this week.

Therefore it is believed that the ‘Otuanga’ofa will resume operation early next month.

The interisland ferry Otuanga’ofa has been suspended for almost 5 months due to these mechanical problems.

M.V. ‘Otuanga’ofa ferry first begun its operation in Tonga in 2010 thanks to assistance from the Japanese Government.

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