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Damage from a Chinese shop gutted with fire during the weekend was almost a million pa’anga

(Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 21/11/2016)

The damage from a Chinese shop gutted with fire last Saturday was almost one million pa’anga.

Deputy Commissioner of Fire – Sinamoni Kauvaka told Radio Tonga News, they receive the report at 9:00pm on Saturday night.

The total damage was estimated at almost TOP$800,000 – TOP$900,000.

The shop is situated opposite the Pulupulu Cemetery at Tofoa.

Information from Police says, one man take the incident as an opportunity to stole the cash taken outside from the shop but luckily he was stopped by Police and currently, he’s remanded under custody.

Meanwhile Sinamoni Kauvaka says, the shop is 34 meters long and 12.6 meters wide.

He said, the fire was first reported to the shop owner’s wife by the security guard but they thought it was a joke.

In a few minutes the Tongan shop keeper again reported the fire, they therefore called the Fire Department but was too late.

Several goods and some cash were taken out from the fire to the tune of TOP$70,000.

The cause of fire is yet to be confirmed.

The shop was in the past two weeks attacked by a vehicle driving straight into the shop for an attempt robbery but no money was taken.

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