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About 70 Tonga Students are taking part in the protest in USA

(Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 23/11/2016)

Tongan students in Universities and Colleges throughout the United States are part of the colored communities that have joined anti Donald Trump protests because of their fear and feelings of insecurity for the policies of the President Elect.

Mele Mumui Petelo a student of College of San Mateo has more on that story.

There has been a lot of protests lately around the country after the election of our new president. A lot of the protests have been mainly with the colored people or

minorities as well as students of higher education such as colleges and universities. Mostly, the reason for these anti-Trump protests are to show the people’s disagreement

with Trump’s plans. Especially his plans to deport undocumented people especially those that have crossed the border from Mexico to the United States and also those that have been overstaying here in America pass their given times. Which we all know most of us from the Pacific are a part of, also his bigotry and hurtful remarks towards people of color, and of different religions as well as fascism and sexism. All things that have contributed to the increase of protests right now. According to some members of the protesters here in our school, our protest is more stirred towards a plea instead. A call to unite and of empowerment between students and faculty. And the purpose was to seek a sanctuary campus. Something to ensure the safety of our undocumented students and those of different religious beliefs like Muslims and so on from getting assaulted or having racial divisions and discrimination. We believe that Trump’s campaign has resurrected the hate and racism that used to exist back then when blacks and brown people were slaves. About 70 Tongan students were are part of this protest along with other Pacific islanders and minority groups like Latinos, Asians and African Americans. The faculty responded to our protest or plea yesterday and therefore opening up to discuss in a meeting today with members of our students that were present in the protest yesterday. This was a positive and hopeful result for us.”


The President Elect will be sworn into office on January 20, 2017 but we still have many weeks to see how things eventuate for America where more than 50,000 Tongans are living.

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