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Tevita Taka named Dux of Sia’atoutai Theological College

(Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 24/11/2016)

Tevita Tonga Mohenoa Taka of Fata’ulua Niuafo’ou, Matuku and Tofoa was named DUX of the Sia’atoutai Theological College for 2016.

The Guest of Honor at the graduation ceremony, President of the FWC – Rev. Dr. ‘Ahio congratulated Tevita and his fellow graduates on their great achievements.

Rev. ‘Ahio added, that students can continue to build their knowledge and experiences on what they have studied although the academic year has ended.

He added that students should always get the full support of families and church communities at all times, before and after they graduate and when they eventually return to their respective church communities.

He concluded by thanking the college for its support in all activities of the church especially the annual general conference.

3 courses are available at the college which includes Certificates for 3 years, Diploma for 2 years and degree study for Bachelor in Divinity.

In the Principle’s annual Report, Rev’d. Dr. Tevita Havea focused on the school’s achievement and challenges faced throughout this academic year.

This included trying to meet the requirements demanded by students before they head out to work with communities.

More than 190 students enrolled in the college this year.

The ceremony was held at Sia’atoutai and was attended by related stakeholders, parents, staff and students of Sia’atoutai Theological College for 2016.

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