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Husband does not have any rights to punish or abuse his wife

(Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 16/12/2016)

The President of the Constitutional Church of Tonga – Lord Matoto of Tu’anekivale said, a husband does not have any rights to punish or abuse his wife. He said according to the scriptures, the husband has no rights to punish his wife physically in any forms.

His response was made when asked his opinion as a Church leader after a national survey on violence against women, reported that 77% of women in Tonga are sexually and psychically abused.

Lord Matoto also spoke about the discipline of children.

Some parents punish their children beyond the limit they can withstand, but if it is carried out with love, then it is meant for their own good and to walk in the paths of righteousness.

Parents are teaching their children on the right way by correcting them from doing wrong.

Father Selwyn ‘Akau’ola on the same subject said preaching from the pulpit will do little to stop domestic violence in Tonga. He said churches have an important role to play in changing attitudes.

Father ‘Akau’ola said when there is a pastoral visitation to a family they should teach, show and direct them to follow the proper way that Jesus taught us,.

Ma’a Fafine and Famili Center and USP conducted the survey and identified that women are mostly abused physically and sexually at home and at school.

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