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A united constituency will drive obstacles aside but build stronger communities

(Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 16/12/2016)

Tongatapu Constituency 6 representative to Parliament Hon. Poasi Tei told a village inspection gathering, that villages working together will tackle all obstacles to their becoming a stronghold of development activities

This morning at ‘Utulau he marked the 5 days campaign for an active constituency.

He visited the agricultural produce displayed by farmers while women and related sectors inspected the villages for a better and clean environment.

The theme for the campaign is “Good to know and good to work together “.

Hon. Poasi Tei said solving the differences between villages, churches and others will make them stronger.

The inspectors included officers from the Ministries of Agriculture, Tourism, Health and Environment.

Hon. Tei inspected the first allotment at Utulau of various root crops pandanus and others.

Hofoa, Puke and Utulau were outstanding on their performance as they cleaned up all their house front.

Traditional tapa, ballon and flags were put up on these villages.

The constituency will continue a float parade tomorrow from Sia-‘a-Toutai around the villages and host a choral recital on Sunday evening

Tongatapu Constituency 6 consist of 13 villages with more than 3 thousand voters.

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