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14 year old Tongan still missing at sea in Sydney, Australia

(Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 29/12/2016)

A 14 year old Tongan boy, Tuipulotu Gallaher went missing at Sea since Tuesday night, but his mother never loses hope saying he wants his boy back.

Gallaher went missing on Tuesday night at the Maroubra Beach.

9 NEWS reports search and rescue work for the missing teenager continues both from the air and at sea.

The mother was reported fainted after talking to Police at the scene and was treated by paramedics.

It is believed the incident occur while most of Tu’ipulotu’s family is in Nuku’alofa to attends family reunion and School’s celebration.

Gallaher and his family lives in Guildford.

Police in Sydney recorded 7 deaths altogether in this beach since Sunday especially with many visitors during summer.