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Tonga attends the lead up meeting to the PALM in Japan

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 11/01/2017

Japan is one of Tonga’s longstanding friends and has granted more than a TOP$1,000,000 to grassroots development activities throughout the region.

However, the more Tonga engages with its partners, the more aid is generated to the nation as a whole.

Tonga’s Ambassador to Tokyo H.E Tania Tupou will attend the Third Ministerial Interim Meeting (MIM3) of the Pacific Islands Leaders Meeting (PALM) in Tokyo as Tonga’s representative.

This is a lead up to the PALM meeting in Japan next year.

Japan and Pacific island countries which are bonded by the Pacific Ocean in this meeting, discuss their common challenges toward peace, stability and prosperity of the Pacific region.

The meeting to be attended by Tonga will be held on January 17th hosted by Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

PALM meeting is usually attended by Prime Ministers of Pacific Island nations, Tonga included.

It is a triennial meeting, which started since 1997.

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