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HM Queen Nanasipau’u awarded winners of the 2 day crafts competition LED BY Langafonua

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 16/01/2017

 HM Queen Nanasipau’u last Saturday awarded winners of the 2 days inaugural craft competition organised by the Langafonua ‘a e fafine Tonga center.

The competition aimed at empowering makers of handicrafts in Tonga because they provide a sound living for women in the country.

HM Queen Nanasipau’u told handicraft makers and women at the exhibition that they should aim at making high and fine quality crafts.

She said local materials should be used all the time for the qualities are high and sustainable.

The handicrafts she said are prized possessions of Tongans and have been passed on from generation to generation, but they should learn to keep abreast with the changes and needs of the time, and try to use innovative ideas.

Her Majesty emphasized the need to work together and to work out prices that reflects the qualities of the products.

Lady Tuna Fielakepa in her welcome address thanked Her Majesty for gracing the event with her presence and thanked her and related stakeholders for assistance made to Langafonua.

“….The women and the men of the People of the Homes and the villages who are still dedicated to the making of handicrafts as their life earned. Without it there are many avenues that they can go onto. But because they are still dedicated to what Tongans have or mean. That is why Langafonua still exist….”

The competition supported mainly by the Government of China – and the Ambassador, H.E Huang Hua Guang.

“…The main purpose of this competition is for promoting of development of handicraft sector in Tonga. Today the competition has come to successful conclusion and winners have been chosen. On behalf of the Chinese Embassy I’d like to congratulate the winners on their achievement. Both China and Tonga have unique culture. Handicrafts are an important career for inheriting the traditional culture. The handicrafts of Tonga are very beautiful and it plays an important role promoting the cultural and tradition of Tonga…”

Her Majesty inspected the handicraft exhibition accompanied by the Ambassador and members of the diplomatic corps, Minister of Tourism – Hon. Semisi Sika and others.

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