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Lord Tu’iha’ateiho won his case yesterday on several charges

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 26/01/2017

The jurors yesterday acquitted Lord Tu’iha’ateiho from 6 charges, in a trial under heard by Chief Justice Owen Paulsen.

The charges included trespassing, unlawful imprisonment, disturbance of public, killing swine, discharge of firearm within the boundary and possession of ammunition without a license.

The Prosecutor withdrew the charge of disturbance of the public and continued with the rest in an 8day trial.

Lord Tu’iha’ateiho was alleged to enter the New Millennium Motors allotment at Ha’ateiho in April 2016 with a firearm and unlawfully kept ‘Uluakimano Lokotui a night watchman.

This charge was disputed by the counsel saying there was no firearm used at the incident and holding the complainant ‘Uluakimano, was for the purpose of waiting for the Police.

It was also alleged Tuiha’ateiho killed 2 swines which belonged to Pulevalea Fisilau of Ha’ateiho on May 20th hence, discharging of firearms in a public boundary.

The possession of ammunition resulted from a search warrant by police on May 4th last year.

There were 10 witnesses called by the prosecutor while the accused called 3 witnesses.

Some of the charges were settled out of court.

William Clive Edwards Sr appeared for Lord Tuihaateiho while Semisi Lutui represented the prosecutor.

The 7 jurors were chosen from Ha’akame, Ha’alao and ‘Utulau.

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