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People with disabilities will benefit from Australia’s assistance through TVET

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 27/01/2017

The Australian Government has included people with disabilities in phase 3 of its technical and vocational Training programme TVET in Tonga.

Scope Global conducted a 2 day workshop sharing their expectation on improving Tonga’s employment, production in the workplace, increase access to entrepreneurial skills training for Micro Small businesses and enable new training models to influence reforms in the national TVET sector.

It also provides equitable access to skills development service for people with disabilities, women and people in the outer islands.

“…Tonga is under number of investment and sometimes there are outcome they are positive but sometimes the sustainability really is not there .Unfortunately  after the project finishes we don’t see the sustain impact so that the key messages on the workshop we think about the sustain development to ensure the skills development system is the key blanks to support the national sustainable framework of your government…”

Mr Anthony Bailey says, the program was to listen to stakeholders on their roles to build a more skilful workforce and thriving economic growth.

“…Trying to reach people who cannot excess to good quality training geography disabilities so we will be working with key bodies especially TNQAB and MIA. We will be linking with other Australian program funded like seasonal workers and work together on investment and how we can support each other to improve on the program…”

The project will run for three years until 2019 with an optional period of 2 years extension.

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