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Medical Superintendent of Prince Wellington Ngu Hospital denied allegations on social Media

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 27/01/2017

Prince Wellington Ngu Hospital in Vava’u has denied allegations that the Medical Superintendent of the hospital and the staff were mistreating patients.

This matter arose after articles were posted on Facebook and other social media.

They made allegations that the Medical Superintendent mistreated patients in the clinics for diabetes, blood and heart problems.

The Medical Superintendent, Dr. Sione Lee Taione denied the allegations and says it’s a pity that the people are spreading such lies.

He says he was surprised to hear the News, but this is not the first time rumours and lies about the staff’s performances are being spread around the social media.

He adds, all the patients in the clinics are in their 70s 80s and 90s. Therefore they have all the respect from him and his staff because of their age and their situations.

Dr. Taione says, he has told the patients they couldn’t tackle NCD and has advised them they can be cured by themselves; they have to work together with the patients in order to tackle this.

However Dr. John Lee Taione says, such allegations ruin his reputation together with the staff and is discouraging them from performing their best as if they are not doing their job well.

Dr. Taione concluded by saying they have not received any complaints on the matter and it is vital for the public to come forward with their complaints instead of putting them up on Social Media.

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