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More than 80 students of Veitongo received scholarships from the Fetakinima Kava Club

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 30/01/2017

More than 80 students from Veitongo received scholarships from the Tongan Kava Club Fetakinima, Halafuoleva of Veitongo during the weekend.

The aim of the annual program is to help parents who are financially unable to bear their children’s school fees and to encourage students to study harder to make a better living.

Patron of the Club of Hawaii, Fotu ‘Uhatahi said, they’ve witnessed the positive outcome of this scholarships, where scholars return home and help with the development of the village.

He added they’ve carried out this program for almost 20 years as part of their charity work from overseas countries.

Members of the Kava Club, Sioeli Lapao’o and Talanoa Hafoka said they are also paying for the students in the pre-school level up to students who are studying for their degrees USP, Suva Campus.

They said, there’s hope the recipients will make good use of this financial support.

Recipients of this year’s scholarships, Viliami Tukimaka of Tupou College and Lineti Tukimaka of Queen Salote College both said, they are very happy being able to be part of the scholarship program and they really appreciate it.

They said they are committed to do their studies this year with the best of their abilities and looking forward for a fruitful year.

The estimated cost for this year’s scholarship is more than TOP$20,000.

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