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MV Vaomapa, the latest inter island ferry made its maiden voyage to ‘Eua last Saturday

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 30/01/2017

The MV Vaomapa, the latest ferry to operate inter-island services made its maiden voyage to ‘Eua last Saturday.

This was after the President of the Free Church of Tonga, Rev. Semisi Fonua led the dedication service and blessed the ferry on Friday Evening.

MV Vaomapa is owned by the Tōfā Ramsay Shipping Limited.

The company bought the passenger and cargo ferry from South Korea to operate services from Nuku’alofa to the main islands of the Kingdom up to the Niuas.

Speaking during the dedication service, the Manager of the Tofa Ramsay Shipping company. Tuna Likiliki praised the co-operation with related stakeholders in order to make this dream come true.

It was quite an emotional program, where family members reminisced all the good and hard work carried out by Tofa and Mele Ramsay who established the company 60 years ago.

Tuna who’s the owner’s grandchild says, the first ferry used by the company was a wooden 25ft boat and was named MV Taufale.

Included in the program were entertainment by the family, and was attended by Law Lord Tupou, cabinet members, related stakeholders and many guests.

The program ended with a boat cruise along the harbor with the guests on board.

The MV Vaomapa has a carrying capacity of 270 passengers and 120 tons of cargoes.

The company’s looking at operating to the northern islands through close collaboration with the government.

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